addie creek soaps

For the natural

All soaps are sold for $6 / bar plus shipping.

Lip balm is $3 / tube plus shipping.  We recommend ordering a  minimum of 5 if not part of a soap order to maximize shipping cost.

To place an order, please email addiecreeksoaps@gmailcom.  We will provide you with a shipping cost based on your order.

Payments can be made via PayPal.  Payment information will be provided to you as we process your order.

* Larger orders may require additional time to be filled.

* Complete loaves of one type of soap can be ordered for $50 each.  Yields 10 bars.

* Custom orders can also be created for a price of $55 a loaf.  Yields 10 bars.  A variety of fragrances and colorants are available for your imagination to run wild!

Any questions?  Just contact us at and we'll be glad to discuss any options or ideas you have!  We love working with people to create memorable soaps!